Project Adventure Game


A two-dimensional platform and action game



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Project Adventure Game is a two-dimensional platform and adventure game along the lines of the traditional Metroidvania games, in which players have to head inside danger-filled catacombs, making it very similar to the excellent La Mulana.

The players have to explore 15 different locations full of enemies and danger. At first, you can only move around (slowly) and make some normal jumps, but as you advance through the story, you can pick up artifacts that give you new skills: double jump, run, swim, etc.

In order to defend yourself from your enemies, you also have a good handful of weapons and sub-weapons that you can use whenever you want. And you will need them, as you will have to face five different 'bosses.'

A good way to be ready to face the game's toughest enemies is to find the many secret rooms that are hidden in Project Adventure Game, because inside them you will find ways to improve your intrepid protagonist's life.

Project Adventure Game is a very fun and very extensive platform game which has a number of things in common with the excellent game La Mulana.
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